Vacation Spa Day

Today was our last full day of vacation, and Jared surprised me with a few hours at the Pebble Company Spa!

I’ve only been to a spa one other time for a combination birthday/graduation/relax before your big nursing licensing exam, so this was a very special, unexpected treat.

Of course, the budget conscious side of me wanted to exclaim “we can’t afford this!” But I bit my tongue, and decided to let my husband do something nice for me (without giving him grief about it)…and I’m glade I did because fully enjoyed the 180 minutes of blissful relaxation that included a massage, facial, foot refresher and herbal tub soak. Then, when I got back to the cabin, I ate some chocolate, and took a baby-free nap. It was a pretty glorious afternoon.

I’m really sad that we have to leave tomorrow. These past five days have been wonderful, and relaxing. Not only have I enjoyed the time I’ve had with my family, but the beautiful solitude of the North has been incredibly refreshing.

I think I could be really happy living on a lake in the middle-of-nowhere Minnesota because the outdoor activities here are endless, and I always feel my best when I am connected with God’s beautiful creation.


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